Hobbies, Apps and Trust

CS: I had been speaking to my friends recently and we feel like there is a lockdown coming. We were discussing the importance of the the hobbies we have. A lot of people carry on these hobbies when they get older, and lot of people don't, that comes with age I guess.
In secondary school I would just get so bored at home, I would do the classic DIY Google search to find something to do. Normally end up doing some Arts and Crafts, something I could make myself at home. Hobbies come from boredom, lack of resources. When you're older you have freedom, finance, more gain to do something, anything you want really. 
I haven't really thought about having a hobby that is serious, it's just something  to pass the time with. I never thought that I had to think about it. 
Sport has always been a main hobby in my life. Trying as many different sports as possible. Trying to find things help with my mind wellbeing are super important. My house is super close to the woods, I take such advantage of this, having this space to breath is so vital for me. 
PF: Do you find yourself going on social media and regretting it?
CS: It's all in the statistics... before apps there was books, there was good education. Less things to be sad about, less aware of what is going on, perhaps being naive. But I guess being naive is a lot better than being aware of what's going on the internet. I think with Snapchat there's ads and stuff on there, I feel like it's not great, but I do feel like all these apps are just morphing into one...
I mean it's just been proven to be bad for you, I always regret having Instagram, I always ask myself "why am I wasting so much time on here, why am I on here..." I catch myself on there and I get so annoyed with myself. 
I take privacy quite seriously, especially in school I didn't want to share my life, I  didn't feel much was sacred anymore, everyone at school was getting Facebook and sharing their lives and I wanted to keep my secrets and stories.
PF: If you think there should be an App, what should this app be limited to? 
CS: With programming apps people try and enhance apps for user experience. I think an app to show talents would be cool. But I hope that it wouldn't taint the experience.
It affects people in a bad way, with Twitter i guess you're not Face-timing anyone or posting videos but some people don't like other people's opinions so I guess staying away from the apps in general could be the most positive thing to do....
PF: Last time we spoke you said you have a strong bond with your family. What would advise someone who doesn't have that? 
CS: I would say you need to rely on yourself. There's no one you can rely but yourself. People always say that talking to yourself is weird or crazy. It's actually healthy to say things out loud. You really get to know yourself when you get to do this, you really hear what's going on inside. It's also nice to maybe relate to a book maybe, once you find a book you can relate to you can rely on it I guess and it becomes of trust.
Jacqueline Wilson really had that for me. I mean I was whipped on her for a lot of my life. Mr Gum was also very fun to read, it was absolutely ridiculous but I found it humorous and I found it very comforting. Even now I find humour comforting,  lets a lot of people's barriers down. Like going on a date with someone who can make you laugh. My old science teacher used to tell us really bad dad jokes, and he would make the class really comfortable, we could get over the stress of the subject and feel ready to learn. 
PF: What hopes and motivations do you have for 2022? 
CS: Usually I don't make NYE resolutions. Recently I have been thinking about it a lot. I think I need to be more positive. I think positivity and change will be good for me. It's hard not to focus on the negatives right now due the current strain and situation the world is in. I think if something is changing it will get better. That's what I am hoping for this year.  
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